So, what is Motor Trade Insurance?

It’s quite simple, it’s insurance for people working within the Motor Trade Industry. There are two main variants of Motor Trade cover; Road Risk & Combined. These can be applied to all the various types of policies, but for now we’ll break down the two types of cover. First of all, Road Risk cover. Road Risk covers you to drive any vehicle you possess for the purpose of work. A Combined Policy however covers any motor trader who is operating from a property and combines that with Road Risk cover. Suffice to say that Road Risk is better suited to those who work part-time or on the move and Combined is the opposite.

Who needs Motor Trade Insurance?

Again, this requires a simple answer. Anyone who is working within the Motor Trade Industry needs this type of insurance. This doesn’t mean there is a “one-size fits all” type of deal though (as seen above). Each respective field has their own dedicated kind of cover under the branch of Motor Trade Insurance, this is due to the needs and wants of each field. For example, a car salesman won’t need cover for tools and machinery like a vehicle mechanic would. You’ll need to think about a myriad of different factors when it comes to your own insurance, to see what policy fits best for you.

What does Motor Trade Insurance cover?

Now you know what Motor Trade Insurance is and who needs it, you will have more of an understanding of what it covers, such as, tools, property, vehicles in your possession, etc. But there are additional things which can also be protected as well, these generally increase your premium. For example, Public and Employers’ Liability insurance cover your employees and customers from any potential injuries they can sustain on your premises or due to work undertaken. Sales and Service indemnity protects you and the work you do in the unfortunate event that an issue arises. Many of these “perks” are included within the combined policy, but they can be added to the Road Risk policy.

How do I get Motor Trade Insurance?

Whilst we’re talking about Insurance it would be wise to go over how to get quality insurance for a relatively cheaper premium cost. The first thing to do is shop around, don’t limit yourself, look around the market and see who offers what prices overall for what kind of cover. Get quotes and compare, the more cover you can get for the least amount of cost is better for you. Your best bet would be the brokers who specialise in Motor Trade Insurance, they will be willing and able to help you decide what kinds of cover you need that you may not have thought about.


Understanding what Motor Trade Insurance is and what it covers is only half of the battle, there are other top tips for Motor Traders to take into account. But hopefully this article has provided you with the means to give you a better start in looking for the perfect insurance.